Uriana of Asgard Diary
2021-06-10 18:27:35 (UTC)

Uriana of Asgard Intro

As daughter of the almighty Thor, I have a lot to live up to. My main weapon is a lightning sword, I call Elite. I am a bit emotional which effects my powers. My eyes are green, and my hair is a dark dirty blonde. I have lightning powers and my Thunder powers can cause earthquakes and break lands with a pound of my fist into the ground. I'm a bit dramatic, sassy, and hot headed. Loki is my uncle, he taught me how to be a bit mischievous and playful. I am close friends with Morgan Stark and Peter Parker. I love uncle Tony, uncle Steve, uncle Clint, uncle Bruce, aunt Natasha, aunt Wanda, and aunt Pepper. I am not the only child of Thor I am second born. Torunn is my big sister she has her powers under control, unlike me. Who has to practice four hours a day. I was schooled in Asgard, and schooled on Earth in the Avenger tower. Two different worlds fluent in both. I had to practice manners, etiquette, and trends. I am loving towards my family and friends, but I have a horrible temper. People at school in Asgard would call me an Avengers kid, it didn't bother me until they started being rude to Morgan when she came up to Asgard for a field trip. I turned into a complete monster, they got the point very clearly, but I got in trouble. Figures. Punishments for me and my sister is simple groundings, beltings it all depends on how angry my father is. You'd think it would be my mother to discipline us right? But my mother died giving birth to me. Her name was Bella, and she was beautiful. Torunn has a different mother than I do. She doesn't really participate in our doings. So I guess we are motherless. It sometimes takes a toll on our father, we are girls he doesn't know what to do with. He usually sends us to our aunts down on earth when he has break downs. I know he wishes that our grandmother was still alive to help him out. I usually stay with aunt Pepper and uncle Tony, which means I spend the night with Morgan. Her and I are best friends, and we do each others makeup, and do karaoke. Uncle Tony always threatens if we don't go to sleep he'll take things away, so we go to sleep. Uncle Loki has kids too, but we aren't allowed to play with them, we can talk but not play. I don't know why. I'm usually always talking to Morgan, my aunts, uncle Loki, or my father. I mean I talk to the others, it is just that they don't really pay attention to me. Oh well. When I was a toddler I was close to my uncle Steve, but now he expects a lot out of me... I bluntly told him one day he wasn't my dad so get off my back. Of course when you're in the Avengers family you can treat the children as your own, so, I got my butt beat that day. Well I suppose uncle Steve is strict, and no one talks back to him, except me; but then again I'm usually grounded all the time, because of my mouth. When I was three years old I ran into a busy street while aunt Natasha and uncle Steve were supposed to be watching me. Steve sprinted down the street and retrieved me from getting hit by a car. Not only did I get beat by uncle Steve, but one by aunt Natasha. Sometimes Morgan and I get grounded by skipping school to sneak into a mission. Our school has aunt Pepper on speed dial. Big surprise. So we get ratted out by aunt Pepper, then uncle Tony and my father are always tired coming home, but seem to have enough energy to be mad and disappointed in us. We are good kids most of the time, just a little troublesome. I mean what kids aren't? Most nights I cry myself to sleep, because I want my actual mother. No amount of aunts can change the fact that I don't have a mother. Morgan sometimes tells me I cry in my sleep so, she gets her mom, aunt Pepper, and she holds me tight so I stop crying. She rocks me, she sings, and she kisses and hugs me. When I am in Asgard and I cry my father holds me and tries to calm me down. Sometimes in Asgard I run away and hide in my little cave I found, where no one really knows where it is. Not even Morgan knows. I am Uriana known as THUNDRESS. Welcome to my world!

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