This Is It - 2021
2021-06-05 00:00:00 (UTC)

Life is Like a Hurricane


(Sorry for disappearing off-site for a bit! I tend to write entries right before I go to sleep, but I've been falling asleep at 5am or later the past few days, and never felt like going through the hassle of logging into the site on my phone to copy my entry into. And kept forgetting to do so when I woke up :////// Anyway I am still alive! Onto the backlog~)

Well, it is quickly becoming very apparent that Florida is shifting into Summer Mode. We're returning to our "Rains every single day at 2pm" routine, except it's been a particularly bad series of storm days to start. Hurricane Season literally just started and it just wants to remind us that it is Here.

So we stuck to indoor activities today - not unusual for us, but we did actually have plans we had to cancel this time. I watched a lot of videos of the HSMTMTS cast playing games together and missed my friends something awful. Then I did some more painting and watched a Minecraft video to Chill Out. Don't need those Bad Vibes hitting during the Best Month. I do miss my friends though :(

At least I have a cat who is very set on getting attention from me all hours of the day to hug

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