Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2021-06-10 18:07:43 (UTC)


🔥 🔥

Guess, what Mr Scaffolder is? A wonder we're having soooo much fun!

Today I mentioned it would be cool if I found him on site and snuck in and fucked him.....he said he would love that.....then he told me im.making him I said whatever you do don't wank on site....i was challenging him but didn't say that.....half hour later he sends me a video, he's on site hidden showing me how friendly he is....LMFAO....I loved that. Fun guy...

The amount of dick pics and videos I've been sent this week and last week from my man tribe is mental. Never asked for none lol....I'm on seven marriage proposals too....LMAO.....The world has gone wonky.

Adonis is a Leo like me too....he is horny right now in Ireland and showed me how happy he is im back chatting lol.....He wants to get INVOLVED with me.

I quite fancy Mr Scaffolder though 😋