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2021-06-10 16:31:27 (UTC)

Our messed up, changed world

If I were allowed, I’d post my message all over social media, all over the net. I’d hope to make people know the struggles some of us are going through. Make them stop and put themselves in our shoes. Let them see how their actions are impacting everyone on Earth.
I’m not just talking about Coronavirus, COVID 19, or Corona, no, I’m talking about climate change, politics, bullying, abuse, terrorism. I’m talking about all time issues. Things we can all lend a helping hand in, problems that should concern us all, each and every one of us. I’m not talking to just those who have experienced any of the above, I’m talking to everyone. Because, even if you don’t know what’s in it for you, I WILL tell you and leave you stunned.

Coronavirus is - as u probably almost definitely should know - the most deadly virus since like, the plague. If u wonder around touching everyone, sharing food, going to the toilet and (ewww) NOT washing ur hands - I, eeergh, I just don’t c why u wouldn’t - then u r increasing the possibility of catching and spreading COVID. It’s not just the deaths that impact our lives, it’s the fact that when the cases go up it impacts how much we can do. If the cases go up we can’t go to anyone’s houses, then we have to wear masks in scl and EVEN during the lessons (trust me my face gets burning hot), THEN we have lockdown and online schooling, which is absolutely horrible. I know some of u may think that ‘Oh it’ll never happen to me’ but trust me, it IS gonna happen to u if u r not careful. And if that doesn’t matter think about ur grand parents, or a close friend who has asthma maybe, or a family member who is vulnerable - u don’t want to put their lives at risk do u?

This is only one of the big subjects above. And listen, u CAN play ur part in saving lives, saving the planet, and making the world a better place. Even the littlest actions u do like smiling at someone in the corridor or outside could make their day. Recycling things or reusing a plastic bag u have again and again could make sure that it doesn’t go into the ocean. Turning off the lights when u r not in a room could not only save u a good amount on ur electricity bill, but it could help reduce how much fuels r burning. Maybe get the bus and encourage others to do so to - the less vehicles on the road, the less carbon goes into our atmosphere.
And most of all, pass on the message. The more people raising awareness of the big global issues, the more likely we can get near to solving them.

So wear a mask where u r supposed to, wash ur hands when u need to, put stuff in the bin when u have to, smile when someone’s near u, and live a healthier, happier life.

If u don’t think for yourself then think about ur children, or future children, it’s the children of today and of the future that will be impacted. So make the right choices.

Beckah signing out!!!