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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2021-06-10 08:06:00 (UTC)

Super excited for normalcy ❤️

Listening to: Talking to the moon - Bruno Mars (yes I know I was last night too lol)
"Once you start to pay attention to peoples spirit and energy and not their appearance, they start to look different"
Good Morning!☀️
I have always believed the above quote and lived my life this way and aim to see the good in all, If you were ever in my life it was for a reason. I saw the good in you, I saw your soul. I know you are a good person and I also know sometimes good people get lost and make bad choices, not all but some, nobody is perfect. I know I am not but it's a big part of growth lol. My little rant for today haha

It's sunny and warm again despite the call of rain over these last few days. I start work shortly and honestly dreading it. I am working with the same team and I only hope he's calmed down some as I do not feel like taking on his energy like I did yesterday. I will just focus on my work, do what I can and hopefully, it won't be as busy or dramatic as it was yesterday. I just want peace, I do not want drama. I only work a few hours so it won't be so bad lol. I need to learn when I shut my system down. I leave it there and not carry it to my personal life. Empathy is not always so easy though but I will do my best.

Things open tomorrow officially here!! Yay!! Phase 1 begins, restaurants can open their patios so after shopping tomorrow. My girlfriend M and I will be having either lunch or dinner out. Super excited for normalcy to begin!❤️

It's June 10th, there is a solar eclipse today. That could explain why I have felt so off, combine that with Mercury Retrograde and it can be the perfect storm of thoughts and feelings being so scattered. Since eclipses tend to coincide with powerful and transformative new beginnings or endings though, the energy that accompanies the eclipses isn’t always the most fun to work with I have come to realize. The emotional meaning of the June 2021 solar eclipse is all about connecting with your feelings and finding ways to communicate them. It is also sparking a period of renewal and regeneration. According to my chart and my Sun, Moon, Rising signs, when I researched what this solar eclipse meant for me it stated: "You are no stranger to adapting to the changes life throws your way, but with your chart ruler, Mercury, retrograde, you may be feeling a bit unproductive and disorganized. The solar eclipse and Mercury retrograde are taking place in your 10th house of career and vocation, so prepare for some changes and adjustments in this area. Now is the perfect time to plan your next steps pertaining to your profession if you’ve been eager to switch things up, but it’s probably best to wait for the retrograde out to make a move" Well THAT explains a lot why I am feeling restless in my job, stagnant in life.
For others, it can also mean exes reaching back out which matches up with Mercury Retrograde too, It's a good chance for reconciliation, new beginnings or possibly meeting someone new. It can cause miscommunication so keep your ears turned on and listen instead of planning your next message. Truly listen to one another. Haha, another rant for today!

Ok, I am off to get ready for work!

I hope you find many reasons to smile!❤️

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