If I die today
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2021-06-10 05:48:22 (UTC)

over or under trying

Yesterday's crock pot dinner turned out raw. raw chicken legs and I made rice with broth on the stove that came out crunchy and salty. Either I need to try less or try harder so the chikcne legs were solid frozen at 5ish yesterday I put them in the fridge so like 7 I pulled em out around 9 before our run I put them in hot water then to be smart I heard that leaving some room on the lid open on the crokc pot keeps the skin crisp so most the day the lid was ifted a little then I unplugged it a few times to use the other appliances and not pull elecctrity at some point I turnied it back on in the t "warm " postion . so at like 5ish last night I saw that and turned it up Anyhow ow embarasssing I served it bc it all lokked good on the outside but hell I ruined it I really need to pay attention and unthaw ahead of time and keep the lid closed on the crock pot. went to bed close to 9 or 10ish last night woke up at 5. nothing super remarkable. I'm getting knee pains again I noticed yesterday so either I way too much or theres something dietery increasing the inflamaations and pain. I need to reign back in the diet. Guess even if we eat 2 diffrent meals I can accomadate us. I saw yesterday eccentrics online you can get streaming for like 16$ a month. Its less than a gym membership and could be used on the tv or computer but IDK I need to think if I want that bill. its cancel anytime so month to month. could be worth it thou. Not sure about running today or walking its gonna be around 13mph wind so IDK but when its warmer at 9 we'll go I'll take the dog out. I'm walking to store later so nDea can pick me up with groceries after work I'll check out when he is on the way. Well thats todays news in my little world

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