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2021-06-10 12:08:31 (UTC)

One time at the skate park

I keep randomly remembering things. Although I also keep forgetting things. My brain's memory neurones are just firing off as they please I suppose.

One time at the skate park, being approached by a random white woman I'd never seen before. She had a female friend with a similar vibe. I forget what she talked to me about, besides her pointing out a couple of kids, brother and sister, who were much darker-skinned. The brother seemed to be trying to get the sister to come, or rather go away with him somewhere. Like, it wasn't a "let's go to the shop" kind of thing, it was a "let's get away" vibe. He might have even said thoes exact words. The sister was reluctant, she stood still and silent. (But my visual memory shows 2 boys... Memory is fickle.) The woman said something about them being very close. At some point I think she walked away and called the boy back, and/or told her friend to keep an eye on him.

I also remember she was wearing a dress with a tank-top beneath, and her breasts were hoisted over the dress, like a sort of outer-clothing bra. She was smoking. I get the impression now that she was a sex worker. That's the PC way of saying it, but the word 'prostitute' feels more evocative and fitting in this case. "Sex workers" are pretty young women you see on Instagram advertising their OF accounts and talking about being entitled to the fruits of one's labour.

God knows why she was talking to me. I mean, it was the skatepark right by one of the estates that you probably didn't want to be in after dark. I wonder if I was approached by a lot of odd people as a kid because I, too, am odd, or if it's just that they stick out more in my mind.

I wish I could remember more of what she said and asked. It all seems a bit sinister init.

I can't even remember how old I was. No older than 14, I don't think.

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