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2021-06-10 10:09:00 (UTC)

Going good :)

My hiking buddies are missing me, awww. I got a group WhatsApp message from them asking where I have been. Hehe...I let them know if I could clone myself, I would because I love nothing more than hiking through the countryside with them and having a good natter. I told them I've been decorating my house, building my shed, being taxi mum and bank of mum, lol.

However, I'm off with them for a 7-mile hike Saturday, and also, we're doing an evening summer solstice walk soon and stopping off at the pub after, quite looking forward to that, while the sunsets.

Mr Scaffolder has made his mind up about me, and we haven't even met yet. He wants to spend his time with me and already mentioning things we can do together into the future, general daily everyday things. I thought he was a little dim, but my initial impression was wrong. He is quick-witted, sharp and ultra funny! Omg, stuff he comes out with really make me laugh. He is affectionate, mannered, and has a warmth that he envelopes me with and makes me feel safe. That's important to me. He says he thinks I am beautiful in numerous ways, and he can be himself around me and know that if something becomes an issue, he knows I will tell him - which is true, lol.

Yesterday we texted; as usual, I worked all day in the day job, then worked on more designs in the evening while laying on my carpet with the french doors open to the garden. He asked if he could call me when he got back from the pub with his friend; I accepted as long as it wasn't late as I was tired. He called, and we had another fun chat that led in all the right directions. I mentioned I want to go kiting again soon, as when I put my things in my shed, my kite was there, and it niggled at me that I missed kiting. I find it soooo relaxing when I do kiting, looking up at the blue skies for hours watching it float effortlessly, he said, "Yes, I'm up for that; we'll go together for the day." Awwwww.....

I'm still talking to the rest of my man tribe, but Mr Scaffolder, I do feel drawn too, had done since he called me randomly out of the blue when we hadn't been texting and only said two sentences to one another previously - I liked his courage. He is a very humble guy, no airs or graces, no underlying needs to be someone he used to be, comfortable in himself (and he is gorgeous, even a six-pack - and he doesn't go to the gym, it's his work that keeps him fit) he adores curves on a woman and thinks I am his perfect fit on that. I'm looking forward to seeing him the weekend after next, and I think we will be spending more time together. We both want to.

Artist is a nice guy, but he is a sapiophile (his words, not mine) as much as he puts on an act. He is all about the sex - I have mentioned times over that I am not looking for just sex; as much as I love sex, I am more about the intimacy of feelings and minds connecting. He reverts to being a different person then always goes back to his crass self. I won't be ever meeting him, he cannot respect my boundaries, and they are essential, especially so in the very early days, as much as they are ongoing. I've appreciated his boundaries, but doubtful I will any longer.

Adonis has messaged me, lovely messages, lol. I responded and kept it low key. No affection. As I said, I am swaying towards Mr Scaffolder, he has a kind heart, and we have sexual tension too. Adonis still wants to meet up when he is back from Ireland.

Prime text me this morning. Ughhh......He said, "Good morning, T. It was so good to see you yesterday." Sometime later, I reply, "Hi, thanks. Yes, it was unexpected." he replies, "It was, and I wanted to say. You looked amazing!" I thought, oh, here we go..I reply, "Thank you. It was good to catch up." He hasn't responded to that yet, I see where he is going with this, but I'm sure he is just getting the feelers to see if he can try to start something up again. I won't be starting anything up with him again. I was once engaged to an Italian millionaire count in my thirties and called off the engagement. Prime's lifestyle and money means nothing to me, and although he and I always got along harmoniously, his sex was shit and far too vanilla, but it was his adventurous nature that enticed me. As I like to fuck anywhere and everywhere if the feelings overtake us.

Back to work....