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2021-06-10 00:14:43 (UTC)

Got a pic from my sister 🥴

Sister sent me a pic of my brother back in Hawaii. Actually a couple. Got three brothers. Been so long that I almost didn't recognize them. But first thing I noticed? They really aged. For sure they had one too many luaus. My oldest bro looks like a grandpa, 2nd oldest bro is completely bald. Yipes!! Is that the things to come for me? Worse of all, my 3rd brother that is way younger than I am and is the youngest of the siblings looks way older than I do. WTH!? They're in Hawaii!! What kind of life stress are they having to be aging so prematurely like that? Makes me think seriously about my health and well being. So... from now on, gonna stick with the good wine 🍷👍 Hahaha. Nah, I'm cool with it. Death comes to us all. I know life will have it's good and bad. I've said this before. Savor the good and man-up on the bad.

At least today at gym class, I was just so full of energy. I was flying. Punching bags were one of the stations we had. We did a Tabata which is again a high intensity but short burst of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds. Loved it. We had to do 10 punches then switch stance then 10 punches and keep repeating. So I never counted till now so I now know I can do over 30 punches in 20 seconds. Not flailing type cat punches like a girly-girl. I mean shoulder turning hip twisting punches. I love when we do punching bags. Until the next day of course. I already feel my lats are hurting. My inner thighs are hurting too and I don't know why. It's not like we had a keggle station but it feels like we did from how my inner legs hurt. We also did rowers. Not my favorite thing but you know, at least it's a workout where I'm sitting on my butt so meh.. it's ok I guess. We did a variation battle rope station too. We're on our knees. Battle ropes bunched together as a pair. Then we do like a rainbow left to right using our core, arms, and a little shoulder muscles I guess. I was grunting the entire 8 rounds on battle ropes. Good thing there is loud music to drown out how I was straining but I do like to push myself to my limit. hehe. It was fun. Small class so only 3 of us per station were together and there were only 4 stations. But on the ropes, we as a team were doing ok. Then the older man had to stop and his rope wasn't moving anymore. Then the younger kid was slowing down too. It's not easy. Maybe the first three are ok but when you get to 6, 7, or 8, then the pain and exhaustion kicks in and all that will carry you is your determination. Yup. That's the trick to working out.

After the workout though? It's so good. Nothing bugs you after that. Get kicked in the nut? Oh well, got another one. Someone gives me the finger while driving? I'll say God bless you. Dent my truck? Now that's.... not ok. Not ever gonna have enough of a workout to relax me from that. But other 1st world problems are ok and manageable. That's what I'm feeling still even though it's past midnight. That's all I got for today. I did have a funny dream but that's for another post. Good night diary.