Written from the Heart
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2021-06-09 23:21:13 (UTC)

some kind of introduction

This diary is for anyone who's young, sad, and confused about life.
I'm a teenage girl who's also trying to make sense of the world, and trying to see a positive side through all the trash.
I am using this page for a number of reasons:
1 - I'm tired of having to hide my physical diaries, they literally give away everything, so I feel too vulnerable to write in them much.
2 - It's therapeutic, there's so many things in my head and it feels nice to know that at least someone is hearing them, even though we are complete strangers.
3 - I want to be able to help other people. I struggle with feeling like I'm completely alone and the only one going through what I'm going through, anyone know what I mean? I want people who can relate to the topics I will write about to know that they are not, and never alone.