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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
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2021-06-09 18:04:00 (UTC)

Suck mode in full effect ❤️

Listening to: Talking to the Moon - Bruno Mars (love this song, been on loop)
"Words mean the world to people like me, because I mean the words I say. You can hold me accountable for every loving word I've ever said. I will always embody the roots of said love in the most truthful of ways"
Good Evening!🌙
It's been a stormy day. Work was beyond stressful and I worked from the moment I sat down until time to go. My entry this morning was started before I went to work. I posted it during work so it was abruptly ended and posted. I wanted to write more there but it was nonstop and drama is thrown in just for that added distraction and increase in stress. I had a long phone call with my boss today as he vented about the situation going on. It was a good way to kill the last little bit lol. I kind of sympathize with him as he's in a tough place in trying to make everyone happy but there is only so much that can be done. He's not the owner, just our boss. I did the majority of the work as the guy I was working with decided to wander off and throw a tantrum and I was swamped lol My time could not end soon enough as I was done with that place today. I am usually a happy cheerful person but even I was getting tested by things that popped up during my shift.

I do not like to whine about things so writing them here helps me move past them and find my footing again so thank you for bearing with me❤️I feel lighter just getting it off my chest. After work, I did have tea with my girlfriend M today. She was telling me about this guy she was talking to. They met two days ago and have only spoken on the phone since and hoping to go out together this weekend. I am excited for her. She deserves happiness, after all, she's been through. He better be amazing!

Tonight? relaxing, I work again tomorrow and already dreading it lol. No word from E yet about the picture I gave him from my car. Quiet night in store for me I think. Perhaps a bubble bath and a hot tea and a chick flick. Sweet Home Alabama sounds good or o0o the Notebook! Yes! That's the one. Let's get the tissues ready suck mode is in full effect tonight haha.

I asked my Spirit Guides to show me a sign I am on the right path as I feel so stagnant in life right now. While I love every single day, I want more, destined for more. So just after work, I asked my Spirit Guides to show me a Dragon Fly if I was on the right path. I asked to see it in the next 24hours, within 20 minutes, I saw one. For added confirmation, I asked to see or hear a specific word and within 40 minutes (approximately) I heard it. Not a common word either. Thank you Spirit Guides❤️ It's good to ask for something you do not see every day and that is why I ask for a DragonFly. I smiled when I saw it. I know I am going in the right direction and I am so thankful to have my guides to turn to. They exist, you have one, you just have to open yourself to them.❤️

I found this today and wanted to share, it came at the perfect time for me today.

There are a plethora of things that come into your heart and irrevocably change you. With each encounter, each circumstance your bones shift, your heart sheds another layer, and the depth of your soul somehow dives deeper into the abyss as if it had no ends. You will break many times in this lifetime. You will feel entirely different about things you used to think you could never live without or change. The way you hold pain will change too because you slowly learn the value of suffering for the ones you love. You slowly learn the value of forgiveness and the way it gives you the peace you need to let go of anything and anyone who doesn't deserve a place in your life. Finding your ground in the midst of a hurricane becomes a bit easier each time it comes into season.
With every change, welcome it, with every wave, let it wash over you, with every blow, make yourself get back up.
With every change, let it come
With every wave, let it wash over you
With every blow, make yourself get back up.
With every change, let it come 🥀

Have a wonderful night ❤️

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