Do Not Disturb

2021-06-08 23:53:26 (UTC)

Not Gonna Do It... Just Thinking About It

My mom thinks just because I got s 5 piece Nashville hot tenders combo from KFC like they did that I'm gonna start back gaining weight just because I lost weight. And I'm not going to gain back weight. I get that she's trying look out for me but I'm not gonna gain the weight back that I took a long while to lose weight. Most of the weight loss was by the medicine that I've been taking that the doctor prescribed to me for my headaches and that suppose to help me lose weight and its been working to trust me. Their were some clothes that were to small on me that I couldn't fit that I can now fit.

I haven't heard from JT all day. Shocker. He says he wants to see me on Monday or Tuesday because he rather see me in person than, to be on the phone and text. But I still like to be with that person and still be on the phone and hear their voice. Its nothing wrong with that.

I finally payed my phone bill today. And my phone is back on. It took a while but its back on. I'm still waiting to start this job because I'm super bored and because my mother just hit me with the " all I do is sleep all day " this morning and woke me out of my sleep and I was cranky and mad for half the day and I couldn't go back to sleep and then my head was hurting really bad until after I got back home and took a goodypowder and I feel a little better. Those things are disgusting but it helps.

I tried coleslaw for the first time and I'll give it a 7/10. I don't like it very much but the rest of the food was good. I guess it'll grow on me.

- A