If I die today
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2021-06-09 06:31:45 (UTC)

feelings over food

Almost time to stretch at about 8 I'll get on it then chores and getting a run in with the dog for both our sakes then IDK lunch is about noone I need to see what I can do for nDea since his back is sore today and he;s been working on washing trucks. Anyhow slept since close to 10 woke up about 515ish on my own. had food vitimains and coffee today. I maybe gettin fat or bloated but I feel theres extra weight in my belly. Probally need to clean up my diet a bit again. Texted with my sister last night a bit worried about how worried she is about thi v-ax stuff and the whole thing that is a conspiriacy yes theres truth to that but I think she has some unrealist fears as well. WIsh I had something to contribute to this world to say but IDK its all sorta blah blah . Having some anxiety guess what.. its food. So after I make this chicken today Pretty much were outta meals I'm unclear if he was approving me ordering delivery wmart groceries or if he was ok with the idea of going grocery shopping . Maybe I should just order them. IT seems delivery here will be a little more budget friendly but also a notice that the inventory is diffrent popped up. What to do? I dont think he would be upset but I'm an overachiever and well the whole shed situation full of crap that I dont actually use as far as food and the stash that failed before am I even capapbale of ordering just a few meals? What to do? I'm embarassed ashamed a little and stressed. I made the coffee too strong this morning. I dropped blueberries on the floor unknowly making cereal for him and the dog wouldnt eat them and well the whole broom thing freaks me a out a loittle but i got them up. Anyhow I guess this is life. I have food a roof and my sister texted me last night there commucation. We woke up in time this morning. Pretty much nothing else I have to say right now