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2021-06-09 13:22:27 (UTC)

Encounter of the erotic primo kind :D

I have just masturbated like a madwoman on LSD - Twice!

So I arose from my naughty slumber and masturbated before I got out of bed, jumped in the shower. I slung on a business-like summer wrap dress that hugged me nicely. It felt sexy. I didn't bother styling my hair, just let it dry el-naturel lol, put on some blush and lipstick (I don't wear foundation and mascara anymore - I got my lovely lashes now too, lol). I grabbed my laptop bag, handbag, dropped my daughter off at school and then drove with the tunes up and light speed in the fast lane on my way to my head office for a meeting.

During my drive, I had my window open on the motorway, I love the hard air swishing my hair, and on my skin, tunage was excellent, and suddenly my vag twinged, and I need to masturbate. But I couldn't. I was in the fast lane on the motorway, oh no! I thought, now it's going to build up, and I'm going to turn into that fire breathing siren that can't think of anything else but fucking! Ah, nooooo not when I've got a business meeting! Not in head office....oh, T you fkn tard.

There was no hope of normal composure. I was already engaged to a demon's fat cock floating around in my imagination. Riiiight, control control control! So I walk into the offices, and oh fuck! Prime's P.A was there, "Oh! Hello, T! How are you! I haven't seen you for a while; look at you, looking fabulous!" I thought, oh fucking nowaaaaaaay is this happening, noooooo! So I reply, "Ah, hiya!" I say with a falsified animated voice, "I'm doing great, thanks, yourself?" we go onto talk for a little bit, and she says, "What are you doing here then?" I say, "Oh, I've got a meeting" she grins, "Okay, then. Well, it's great catching up with you." I smile, "Yes, you too."

Then it happens!!! I walk into a large office where my meeting is; the guy I am meeting with is already in there. We small talk, a colleague, pops her head around the corner, "Fancy, a coffee, T?" Looks to my client, "Would you like a coffee or tea, Sir?" I tell her yes, latte he has the same. As we're standing there and continue talking, I lean over the desk to reach my laptop and sign in to my business account and just as I am doing this, in walks PRIME!!!! "Ahhh! Hello, YOU!" he says; I look around, stand up and immediately think, oh fuck, his first view of me was bending over the desk. LOL, not a good start! I don't want to start him off again!

Prime is the big boss, and we had a six-month affair; towards the end, he had wanted to go into a full-blown relationship, but at the time, I didn't want one. So he hung on for another year of no sex with me, trying to convince me to get involved with him. Mr B told me I needed an exit strategy, and so that's what I did back then, and Prime and I have only caught up with normal chitchat every few months since.

So Prime is eyeing me up, looking down my body; I just knew he wanted to put his hand in the wrap overslip of my dress that was just above my knees. He briefly glazed over my breast as they sat pert and full beneath my bra under the cross over of the dress. We chat, the client listens on, Prime looks me in the eyes, trying to keep a lasting gaze with me, I break the gaze. He says, "Have you seen my new car?" I said, "Oh, you got a new one?" We had fun in his old car, a BMW, he was trying to instigate memories in me, he says, "You can see it from the window here?" we walk to the window, he points, I look down, he stands so close to me his body heat was felt, he hooked his arm around, his face close to mine and said, "It's just there." I reply, "The range rover?" He says, "Yes, that's the one. Lots of room for manoeuvre in there, T." Then smiles at me. Hahahahahahahahaha....I forgot how fun he was.

Needless to say, he decided to have his meeting in the office opposite where I was (all-glass walls), and he consistently kept glancing through the distance of our offices, checking on me. LOL...

Before I left, I popped into the office he was in and the meeting he was having and said, "Take care, all. See you around, most likely." They all said goodbye to me, and as I turned away, I winked at Prime, just to make sure he goes home and masturbates over me. PMSL

I am not even into him in that way, yet I felt that underlying sexual tension pulled at me. I reckon it's just that I know he is adventurous and if I said, "let's fuck, right now", he would. So when I got back home to continue working, I made a coffee, and my body said, "NO, time to fuck." And so I did, over all what had just happened, he licked me out on the desk, then fucked me....then up against the window. Sshhhhhh!!!

I also told Scaffolder and Artist and Ed about this .......both scaffolder and artist got hardon's and Ed said all casual like, "You are such a tease." Erm, no smeggie Eddie, I did no such thing! It was all him....sort of. LOL