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2021-06-08 23:18:23 (UTC)

Expelliarmus of the Biggus Dickus

Clean up time! :D Expelliarmus (harry potter) to the dropship shite in my cosy little diary in the hidden world of fluttery smuttery, LOL.

It's all a load of fuckery on those dating sites, ah how hilariously ridiculous it all is, BUT I do have quite a bit of fun on them - not in the fun, fun type of way ordinary people would say is fun...oh no, Pedro. My delight in taking a few pegs out from under the biggus dickus's of the world, who think they are witty and godlike....Jesus fucked them up the arse more like. So one twat on there thought he was funny, so I gave him funny back, he didn't like that, LMFAO, then blocked me. Just what the kitty ordered, another weakling that can't handle rejection - well, my type of rejection, which is deathly cruel. Well, he deserved it for thinking he could 'funny' me. Dickhead.

Adonis is now in Ireland, and I am still ignoring him; he let me know he landed safely.....shame that. I might keep ignoring him for, I dunno, forever. Highly likely, because I am keen and a tiny bit smitten with Mr Scaffolder. He is so funny! So down to earth, so sexy and so old school, love that stuff, its what I am made of, traditional sexpot in a modern shithole world. Nah, I love the world. What am I talking about? Anyway, moving on.....

So scaffolder (fate caller guy) got a little smexy with me last night. Because I like him and I can sense the authenticity in him and straight-up communication - no avoidance or dismissable behaviour from Mr Scaffolder. Well, I stopped the sexy time, lol; sound like a Vietnamese girl "Ten dollar lub you long time", haha.....I told him, "Look, I think you're a decent guy and I quite like you so i don't want to ruin it with sexual stuff, because as much as I might want to engage with you. I don't want it become all about sexual tension leading us." He called me straight away, and apologised and told me I was right, and he doesn't want to ruin his chances to spend more time with me. That he wants to give us the best start, and he thanked me for stopping it.

He was ill today, throwing up from eating lousy chicken from someplace in London. So I thought, oh here we go, excuses, but I was wrong. So I laid low, just saying I hope he felt better soon, and later he messaged me asking how my evening was going; I told him I was waiting for a phone call from him but seen as he's ill, perhaps we can reconnect next year. LMAO.....He immediately called me, lol. He was rough, but we spoke for an hour or so, clicking well, he arranged next Saturday daytime to meet me, and we're going to fill in the details of where and what time nearer the day.

The artist has been texting all day, very keen, still packing the pants, BUT the thing is with him, is it's all good in all areas of his character, personality, maturity, wit, blah blah blah. But when talking on the phone with him, I feel like I'm talking to a dad type of guy; and he doesn't even have kids! He is a bit too grounded for me, I think. Too sensible, even though his sexual side seems rampant, that means fuckall because it is only because he hasn't had me. I bet I'll be bored of him in less than a millisecond in a real-time face to face. I'm a spicy woman. I eat chilli on every dinner, lol. I fuck myself multiple times a day like it's become my own religion; I adventure and take risks. I just do things and get them done. I don't need to think about things for days or weeks, months or years. I think he is that type that does - he will frustrate me. Other than his giant monster in his pants, that wouldn't frustrate me, LOL.

He said to me late last night, "Can I send you something?" I said, "What?" and he says "A video." I reply, "Sighs if you must." Hoping he wouldn't send me a video, I knew it was going to be dirty. He sends it. I sigh. I watch it. It's him fucking a woman, she is on all fours, and he is filming it. He asks me, "What do you think? The woman in the video didn't mind me filming or sharing it." I reply, "Yeah, it's cute, standard stuff. You should stick it on PornHub. People like homemade amateur vids on there." .......LOL....He says, "Oh, it's not standard." I say, "It is to me." He says, "That's standard to you?" I reply, "Yes, I like things a bit more extreme and not so human." He replies with just, "Oh."


Mr El-Naturel is not so warm and fuzzy after all, lol. I think he is married! Yeah, cuntchops....."No, I don't want to exchange numbers but meet on a date this weekend instead. We will go for a beach walk." So I reply, "Then you'll be walking alone. Ciao."

What a weirdo; he wants a date but won't exchange numbers and won't talk on Whatsapp...Yep, hiding a wifey me thinks.....LOL...

Ed exchanged a few messages today. He looks depressed. I sent him a normal selfie pic that I took to update my dating profile, and he sent me one back of him in the office, and he looked so depressed and glum. I did mention it to him, and he brushed it off. Mwah to you smexy, Ed xxx When you get divorced, come see your smexy friend, lol.

Phil, me and his 15-year-old son had a really funny chat on the phone earlier. Phil's 22-year-old virgin gf is jealous of me and thinks me and Phil have a thing going on.....smh *rolls my eyes* he has told her we have been pals for five years now and we live in countries miles apart and never have we ever been naughty or plan to be. She's insecure, though, and she gets jealous because Phil likes editing more colour into my selfies (a hobby of his is photography and digital editing). Anyway, she needs to wind her neck in telling my buddy about other men she is talking to after telling him she loves him. SMH.....winds me up when people throw the love words without meaning.

Paul has messaged.........yawn. He sent me another shit pic from him leaving the gym. It's just him sitting in his car, no sweat, no gym gear on. So I said, "Yeah, you mean you just been in Tesco's and took a pic in your car and say you've been to the gym. Pull the other one, pal." He got a little temperamental with that response, so I toyed with his mood a little and then left it on a sweet note. Why I don't know, he isn't half bad, but I'm not into him at all.

Right, my bed is calling. Ciaozers fucknuts.

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