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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
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2021-06-08 17:26:00 (UTC)

You feel too much, love too hard ❤️

Listening to: You don't know her like I do - Brantley Gilbert
"Men, too, deserve to be spoiled, told they are handsome, told their efforts are appreciated and should also be made to feel secure. If he treats you like a Queen, treat him like a King"
Good Evening!🌙
It was a good day! We went to Oakville to gather her things from her mother's house and stopped at a few stores there. One was called Fortino's. Then Costco in Mississauga, we took her mom with us as she did not get out there often. I love Fortino's but we do not have one locally. I wish we did. We both spent a little too much but I only get to go there so often. It was so sunny most of the day until we were almost home then the storm hit. Rain was coming down quite hard on the highway and traffic went to a crawl. We made it home safe and sound and now I am just relaxing. Dinner was made and the kitchen is clean so I am just going to relax for the evening. It's supposed to storm for the next few days. A welcomed break from this humidity.

I spoke to my best friend E about the guy in the park. He asked me for the pictures. He said if it continues, he will go to the park and just watch and see if it happens while he's there. He has the authority to do something about it. He said I should reconsider running there, that won't happen. Never again will I let someone take away my freedom to do as I want to do. That happened once in my life many many years ago, never again. I will be cautious and aware of my surroundings. I want to thank my one reader here who was so kind to reach out to me about it. I truly appreciate your care and concern and I agree with all you said ❤️

I found this and wanted to share it as I have read some journals here from others who are hurting. I wanted to save and share it with those who need to hear it.
I want to reassure you the person you're becoming, the person you are is someone worth getting to know. Yes, you feel too much, love too hard, and give more than you should, but the right person will never take away more than they give. They will love you for every aspect of your depth and never make you question your worth. You are a universe all your own. A magical muse of an incredible design. I hope you see that, I hope you know that because nothing is more beautifully worn than the love of one's self.

There is a vigil for the family killed due to a senseless act of terrorism by a 20-year-old child. He does not deserve the title of man. I often wonder where so much anger came from at such a young age. It's so sad. My heart just hurts for their whole family but more so the little boy who will grow up only knowing the hate that took his family from him. I pray he has family surrounding him because he is going to need it. If you are unsure what I am speaking of. I wrote on it last night. A senseless act of violence on a family of 5 only due to their religion. Canada hurts for them. We support them. I will light another candle tonight in memory of the 4 lost in such a tragic act of violence.

Well, I am going to go switch my laundry over then relax for the evening. I start work tomorrow, blah.

Have a wonderful evening!❤️

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