If Satan were real, I'd be his biggest fan
2021-06-08 20:17:06 (UTC)

Random BS

When it rains, it pours. Car trouble, understaffed at work, the AC can't keep up with the now nearly 100 degree temperatures, and my laptop is being a piece of crap. And I still don't know what else to get my dad for father's day because he "doesn't need anything". If I get him gift cards, he just tries to give them back to me at a later date.

Was at Walmart yesterday, and of course at the self checkout the item I was buying would not scan and stated I needed an employee. He said the item was not in their system and that "the people in the back must not be doing their job". He went on to say how he always has to do everyone else's job. I was like, "it's like me at work, but at Walmart!". So yes, everyone's workplace sucks. Does anyone actually have a dream job? One they enjoy going to? Everyone where I work is lazy. Super lazy. It's bad enough when you are lazy and know it. It's even worse when you are lazy and act like you are a super nurse. Well, my favorite "super nurse" put in a shit-ton of orders wrong, put up an incorrect bottle of tube feeding and didn't label a urine specimen correctly. I do a lot more than pretty much anyone at work but will never be recognized. The people I take care of probably don't even remember my name, they are probably just like "yeah, that's the bitch that wakes me up!".

The world has been smelling particularly bad lately. I have heard that once you had Covid you can begin to smell random bad smells no one else smells- so I was worried. But I deducted that the word is just extra terrible right now. Lots of skunks out, the local factories are extra stinky, road work with asphalt smell.

In stores most people are not wearing masks now. I don't trust that for a second. I have been vaccinated (and early, nurse perk) and have had Covid (nurse hazard) but I still wear a mask. Hubby told me some idiots are trying to "mask shame" those that still want to wear a mask. I told him, I wish someone would approach me with that nonsense. I'd tell them I had Covid last year, and don't care to get it again. Then I'd ask how confident they'd feel if I coughed on them. God, everyone is so stupid. The state of the world is like the movie "Idiocracy".

Speaking of movies, me and the hubby just watched "Spiral", the new movie based from Saw. I was unsure about Chris Rock being in a horror film, but I enjoyed it. It had some fun traps and was interesting. It bothered me that at times they didn't have on gloves when touching evidence.... but me and the hubby laughed that off. "Oh is that human flesh? Let me just touch all over this police evidence with my bare hands." I've been wanting to watch "Terrifier", but it is not free on any of the services we have. So, I ordered it from Amazon. That's a good one to own anyways. I did watch "All Hallows Eve" to get my fix of Art the clown until my DVD arrives. There aren't too many newer horror films I care for. I'm not a big person for ghost or haunting type films. I like blood and gore. A new patient at work has the same last name of a favorite horror film character, so I think of that movie every time I take care of this person. Not gonna say the same for obvious reasons.

Looked for some cute shoes on my day off and for some new false eyelashes- found neither. Most false lashes remind me of the Spongebob where he is telling Patrick they'll get 40 lashes, and it shows Patrick with thick, ridiculous looking lashes. I like the more normal looking ones.

On a positive note, I just found 2 bands I like with female screamers! Yay! They are Lutharo and Konvent. Konvent is very Six Feet Under with the deep growling vocals. Wish I could scream/growl better, but mine sucks. Doesn't stop me from screaming along, but I don't sound very good.

Not much else going on. About to take my prework nap. Had a "sex dream" which I put in quotes because I never actually have sex in my dreams. I was trying to have sex with the hubby in my dream, but people kept bugging us. That's how loyal I am, and I've told my husband this. Even if he's not in the dream, I always know when dreaming I am not single. He on the other hand, has sex with people in his dreams. I guess I love him more.... just kidding. But that does sound like a very woman thing to say. But I'm not like other women.