no name
2021-06-08 14:22:10 (UTC)

Comfort Place

Last summer break, I spent pretty much all my time (that I can remember) in my sister's room on a little cushion thing in the corner under covers. While at that time, as far as I can remember, I was just sad, it was a comfort place and better than being in my room, which I shared with my brother at the time. When school started, I eventually moved back to my room for the year so I could work and whatnot. With summer break coming back again, I need to either make this place more comfortable, or...yeah there's no other choice. Since mi hermana tiene un boyfriend, I will not be invading her room. My bed just isn't the same as that cushion I spent like 3 months rotting on. I don't know. There really is no comfort place anymore. My neck hurts and my eyes feel strained. I don't remember ever feeling these types of headaches last summer break but that could be because I always had my brightness all the way down (since I wasn't doing anything besides reading manga or watching tv).

I think I might just end up hibernating.

Ah, it's 2:29pm, the 8th of June, and my last Tuesday of the school year. I feel pretty bad today but I know today is a good day. I finished my work and now I'm gonna go back to bed.
I wish I had some hot tea.