Teen Life
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2021-06-07 16:36:32 (UTC)

Just Waiting...

Today was my first day back at scl after half term. I can’t believe there’s just six weeks left of Y9, it feels like it’s only just started cos of the pandemic and stuff. So much has happened this year though...

- We did online schooling
- We went back in scl but with masks and stuff
- My new long term crush (3 months and counting)
- I started my online diary
- My friendship group split
- I auditioned for Fame

And probs more stuff I just haven’t thought of yet.
I found out today that Renee got drunk yesterday. I mean she’s 14 and is too young to be drinking alcohol. I hate alcohol. I’m never gonna go near it except a bit of wine on occasions when I’m older. The worse thing is that Renee’s mum let her off saying ‘it’s ok it happens to all of us and you’ve got a lot going on in ur life right now’. I know this is a bit fake as a friend but u can’t get drunk at 14 and ur mum shouldn’t let u off for it.

I auditioned for Fame yesterday and I said how it went in my last entry ‘The audition’. So here I am just waiting to find out my results. I don’t know what part I will get but I am preparing for the worst - as u know u should as an actress - because life (especially in acting) is full of disappointments. They said that a few ppl were going to audition today because they couldn’t make it to the main audition so they would get back to us as sn as possible. It’s sooo stressful and sooo nerve wrecking to wait because I just really want to know what I get even if it’s not a main part. Aaaaaargh!!!

In my other entry for today I will explain the so called intense part of my life that I have been talking about to u guys and some of u may have been waiting for...