If I die today
2021-06-08 06:22:11 (UTC)

wakin up is hard to do

Tryin to wake up just had a 7oclock nap. but here I am 22 min later. Slept from around 10 till 510ish then my bladder woke me up full speed. nDea wakes up at 530 and leaves just before 7 to get to work. I've had coffee and vitimans blh blah just tired. I want to run a little today its 59degrees now I 'm thinkin 9 would be a good running timebut I also hav chores so 9ish i suppose I still need to stretch and so fourth the dog eats at 8. Yesterday otw home from the store some weird man with a stick like a walking type stick came back to me and said oh I thought someone was calling me name but it wasnt you. He was acting strange thou walking back and gfourth into traffic ahead of me but thank God he didnt try anything I was back quite a ways when he told me that he thought I was calling him but still yeah never know people are weird. My sinuses are kinda hurt I did a sinus rince yesterday IDK maybe the water is trapped or or something I do have a deviated septum. Just tired