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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2021-06-08 08:29:00 (UTC)

Search for me in the pauses ❤️

Listening to: Without you - Ashes Remain
"In The Between- Search for me in the pauses between my words. In the silent moments: That’s where I hide. Look for me beneath the lines of my favorite books. In the between places. That’s where you’ll find me. Read me in the eloquence of my eyes. In the secret stories. That’s where I’ll be.”
Good Morning!☀️
Another hot and sticky one out there. I slept deep and again, knew I had many dreams but do not remember them. My dreaming has been so heightened lately. I know I am having more than I usually do but I remember less of them.
I managed to go for my run before the humidity crept in. I had another sighting of the guy from the park. When I first got there I was the 3rd car there. The one I know to be the older gentleman I always see running and one I did not recognize then mine. I felt confident he was not there this morning so I started off on my run. The middle point, it's near the bottom of the park near the water and if you look up to your right there's a big hill with trees leading to the top of the park. Where I pass by close to my ending. I saw a man standing there, at the top just looking down. It's not close enough to see who it is but enough to know someone is there. The guy I usually see was ahead of me just enough in my view to know it wasn't him. It could be anyone. I continued my run and made my way to the stretching park and continued stretching. At this point, I saw a man walk from behind a tree about 20m from me and to the parking lot. I knew it was the same man as he was dressed the same. Dark clothing, dark hat, and dark glasses. I lingered a bit in the stretching area and took a picture of him and his car as his back was to me. I wanted to send them to E as he has the ability to check who it is if this continues. Silly I know but my intuition says twice is not a coincidence. His car was not there when I arrived and there's no way he ran the length like I do or he would have been far behind me again. I saw a truck pull in. It was the city's truck, with lawnmowers and a few men in it. So I used that time to get to my car and leave. He was sitting in his car and I saw his phone up high as if he was taking a picture. I can't be sure so I cannot say that is what he was doing but it is the only reason I can come up with the phones in front of his face. I am not afraid, just cautious. There is a big chance I am blowing this way out of proportion lol. I probably am but I do trust my intuition. It's never lead me wrong. I will just be more alert.

Today? busy day til mid-afternoon. I need to be out of the house by 9:50 am. It's 8:50 am now. Heading on a road trip! I have a trip to Oakville with my girlfriend M to pick up a few things she left at her mom's place. She only has a sporty lil car, I have an SUV so I will drive. She is settling in nicely. She is excited to get out and explore more of the city and I am excited to show her.

It was a good quiet night for me last night. I enjoyed another tarot reading. I saved it to share here. She gave a love reading, haha as if I have a love life lol Here it is;
Love message for today 💕
A commitment is coming sooner than you realize. A period of indecisiveness is over and someone is deciding to make a bold move. You will find that a current connection will move to the next level or, you'll meet someone in the coming weeks. Over the next two months, there's a lot more love entering your life and for some, this will include more than one offer. I'm shown someone writing a letter to give to you in person which signifies this person is thinking about what to say to you and wants to speak to you about what is in their heart. This is someone who wants to "seal the deal" so they are desiring to bring you both closer together and start moving forwards with this relationship. If more than one person pops up, I do feel you'll know clearly who you want to choose. Mercury is in retrograde so I'm sure we can all anticipate a few unexpected people appearing in our inboxes 😂

I am getting much stronger in my tarot. I am learning the cards and placements. M is an amazing teacher. She is far stronger in her gifts than I am. I have many focused on my intuitive side and my empathy as they seem to be something I deal with daily. I have always seen, felt and heard spirits but for the longest time it intimidated me, then I just became accepting but never tried to communicate back. I am interested in doing so now. So we are working on what's called "opening the 3rd eye" Basically, It's believed to be linked to perception, awareness, and spiritual communication. Some say that when open, the third eye chakra can provide wisdom and insight, as well as deepen your spiritual connection. Fun stuff haha.

Ok, I am off, I need to get this towel off my head and do my hair and makeup.

Have an amazing day!❤️

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