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2021-06-07 21:28:08 (UTC)

Tribal Lurve

Goddam, Adonis is one ginormous lazy fuck! I'm sorry, he might be the epitome of Demigod perfection to look at - holy mary mother of Jesus, he is Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine! BUT He is a lazy arse, clueless about women, full of cock testosterone knobhead AND .....get anyone who knows me (except my family, lol) knows I am a loving whore (to one man) even though I haven't chosen my man yet, or he hasn't chosen both ways :D but my mind doesn't just fantasize up filth; it does it too. I don't tease and not make it happen. It happens. LOL....because my teasing and seduction are to build the sexual tension, engage the sexual rage in him, and then join souls and fuck the days away....LOL

But Adonis has no clue whatsoever how to speak to a woman. I guess his godlike looks have served him enough so far to be able to be a massive cunt. Yuck, just puke. He said in amongst a sentence to me, "No, you silly cunt" .....Ohhhhhhhhh! No, no, and NO. You do not get to call me THAT in jest or not, ever! Only in the bedroom, lol.....but nope, nada, not happening, not in usual conversation. He is on the naughty step, and I am ignoring that fucknut now. He is off to Ireland for two weeks tomorrow morning to stay at his friend's place; he says he wants to keep texting, calling me throughout and is eager to see me in two weeks. He now wants to start a relationship. Pah! Not when you call me a silly cunt in jest, you retarded stink hole.

You know he wants to deep throat me so roughly that I vomit over him? He also wants to anally fuck me for so long and hard to the point I shit myself so he can wank with my poo on his cock. Yep, that's Adonis! Filthbag. We do have mostly normal conversation 90% of the time, LOL.

Riiight, next......The Artist said I am the perfect marriage material. He has also calmed down and is engaging in intelligent conversation. It seems for a change, I'm talking to a grown man who is an actual adult. LOL. He doesn't have any kids, again never married...I know, watch out, T! Anyway, he is super keen in my inbox on Whatsapp; he is playing the long game as he is interested in me for the longer term - he also still harbours a giant fkn cock that scares me, lol. He loves my curves, mind and wit and productiveness.

Next....Mr El-naturel.....he makes me feel warm, comfortable, safe. He is a gentleman, good looking and charming. We have been talking, and not once has he mentioned sexual things; he has said he thinks I am beautiful and things about my personality. He has asked me out on a date today if I would like to go for a beach walk with him. For a change, I didn't need to think about it. I wanted to. Something about him, I like, underlying I've not pinpointed yet. I told him I would like to go on a date with him :)))

Next....Mr before you say it! Scaffolders have a horrible reputation for being loud, brash lad types of men and the rumours are true, LOL! God only knows the amount of sexual slanders they have shouted down to me from their big scaffold poles, lol, when I have been on sites to see the developers. But not for all of them are massive gobby twats. This guy found me on the other new site I'm on; he loves curves, particularly mine, lol. He was the "fate caller guy" who called me randomly days after we exchanged numbers without talking. We've been texting ever since our phone call. He is so lovely! Real family man, makes sure his old parents are safe and looked after, has his own place, his son is 18. He also owns a very fkn nice body! These scaffolders are so fit from the heavy lifting and climbing they do all day....hubba hubba hubba....he also wants a date but is looking for a long term, full-on proper relationship. He has a good co-parenting relationship with his ex-partner he split from years ago. So all good. Oh! I told him I mowed my lawn (earlier - as packed in work early). He made a joke about my chuff (pussy), so I said, "Oh, yeah, did that too in the shower!" He says, "I need to do mine, this lockdown, and I've done nothing; it needs it!" He then says he will send me a pic when he says, "Shall I make a shape in it?" I said, "Yeah, do a trumpet" he laughs, sends me a pic (but covered his sweeties). I said, "Erm?" he says, "I know, I need advice," I said, "I'd only do that if we were a thing and then I'd do it for you," He says, "And I'd do yours for you." I said, "Aww, sweet. Team-work." I actually thought, no, you fkn won't!

Dibble, I have thrown out to the dogs to chew. I can't get past that he is a sergeant in the police force and does this sick shit. He is a trusted member of society with powers in the law and is just a weak, pathetic weasel. I'm afraid for the people if we have men like that serving our country to protect us. I just can't do that, and I'm not advocating or encouraging it. Done. Sayonara.

Onwards I go.....

I have not been wholly affected by 'my ex guy' since the other day. Maaaaaan that was heavy! I wouldn't like to be him right now! But, today, he has lingered in my thoughts, lightly. I am so entertained right now, from my man tribe on my Whatsapp; I don't get a lot of time on the dating apps, but yet, 'my ex guy' still lingers there in the back of my mind. I do still care about him, and I care how he is feeling regardless of how things went between us. I'm not hung up on bad vibes; I take the good stuff away with me, and goddam! It was goooouuuudddd!!! Thanks, treacle! :D

Phil sent me the usual daily funny memes, so I sent them to my man tribe, and the Artist sent me ones back, but they were filthy! LOL...So I sent them to Phil, and he thought they were hilarious; likely, he'll be passing them on too, haha....He is having rocky mountains with his 22-year-old virgin lover, eeek, don't worry buddy, I'm here to pick you up when you fall, MWAH!

Smexy Ed has been trying to connect again. I guess his wifey hasn't got a strop on with him anymore, but he gets bored, very bored of her. Ed has been married for over ten years. He tried asking me how my weekend was going and other mundane stuff; bless him, he gets lonely BUT hold up! Little ole me over here doesn't have hubby indoors or, like him, a wifey.....Most likely, the reason I haven't fucked him yet, I've only messed with married men before whom have long emotionally detached from their wives; that way, I don't get heavy stuff come my way. Ed isn't in that category, he still bangs his wife often (even though he fantasizes about me to orgasm, lol, shhh), and he loves her. Yes, people can love more than one person, and they can love someone when they are shagging others. Don't be so lead by society; we weren't designed to be like doves or penguins, lol, we're not monogamous. Look around! The proof is all around.

God, my kitty, is such a fluffy little muffin! She's being a cutie-pie for a change! Fkn devil worshipper by night!

Whatsapp's 'blowing' up.....My man tribe need me! LMAO