If I die today
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2021-06-07 09:36:20 (UTC)

payback a few dollars

Yesterday I got so hungry or something I got the shakes after a nap while nDea visited his granddaughter. We went for a walk and i got an americaono with an extra shot as usual and then added whole milk the milk is unusaul but i thought it was warm for hot coffee. Anyhow otherwise yesterday was uneventful my coupon for khols cash has an extra percent off the 11th thru like 13th or something so I think I'll do that Friday and get the extra off I need new running shoes I gotta stop destroying them. Anyhow I am feeling a lot of love from nDea I was so suprised I got a text at like 745 after he started work that he loved me and have a good day. He petted me a lot today too. Anyhow just got back from a 40 some minute outtting witht he dog We starteed running around 15min in that and we quit running a few second after 25min in its 64 out this week I is going to be much cooler than last week. We ran around the corner this time as in running while turning the corner I fell a little I sorta like stubled into a suprise crack or whole thing in the road with my right ankel but I think I didnt even twsit it but still its a little frustruating but I can move and with life and forget that happened. I'm really really like having issues with other dogs I'm almost freezing everytime we get near a dog and exspecially if I cant tell if its on a leash I'm not sure how to calm this sorta new fear We probally went at least 7min out the way bc I was avoiding even being with insight of another dog so we were a little scenic. Slept last night on/off a few nightmaresz that I cant recall now I took a melation slow relase the good stuff or what I think is good life extensions I think I did the 1mg i know it was 6hr realse. so I'm suprised about the nightmares. I took it at 930 woke up at 515 just before nDea's 530 alarm so I turned on coffe Anyhow I'm alive aand well into the day did a few chores still feel overwhelmed like I dont know what to do or how to get stuff I know I can ask nDea but I also feel like the stuff I would want woulr be wrong or something idk just anxious. but overall well I did something that counts right? I'm gonna walk to targe again today to grab someting I can carry I need ot think about what I want other than a roll of papertowels that fits the holder. I want vingar for cleaning but IDK if its practicl to carry its a 20min walk to the store. IDK really whats new if I die to day its all mon-dane. Noone new in my life no new wishes I mean as far as stuff it all goes to nDea and as far as hard money IDK my sister or yLindse is on my mind but its right for nDea but first I would want to pay back my dental loan sooo Im not really leaving anything behind it all goes to the parents bc I do not have that much. Well this is life

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