Do Not Disturb

2021-06-06 21:37:57 (UTC)

Feeling Left Out

If their was ever a competition or a reward for something about how many years a girl has been left out I would've been that girl.

I would always try and socialize with everyone or talk to them and they would just look at me crazy eyed in the face because I guess the things I say was at the wrong time or was just plain crazy. So, I just didn't say anything at all. I thought being an adult would be fun and all but its not. I know I'm not fully an adult because I haven't experienced living on my own yet but that's about to change in a little while.

But its like whenever I try and hang out with the adults and blend in with them and talk within the conversations they talk about they don't want me to so I don't say anything and I just sit their on my phone like I did tonight until,later on when everyone was talking about getting their tattoos.

I'm still planning on getting mine. I want three. But everyone tells me to start on my arm and not my vein because my vein is where it will hurt the most if, I can't take pain well and God knows I can't take pain well with a needle so my arm it is. I'm nervous about getting my first tattoo but I want it. Risk it all or nothing.

I told my mother about it but of coarse she nor my brother doesn't understand. No one understands.

And then it started pouring down raining really hard when we got home and I didn't wanna leave but my mother wanted to because she was going over some dude house but when I called her she was at the casino so I don't know. Maybe she was with him and they were both at the casino together. Either way she didn't have to lie to tell me where she were going.

- A

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