Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2021-06-07 01:25:09 (UTC)


On Thursday, a neighbor of mine left a white flower by my door. I guess she knew I wasn't feeling well. Possibly because I was actually home on a weekday.

She gave me a few flowers one other time, as well. They were light purple. I put them on my husband's ashes for a day or two. I did the same with the white flower.

Maybe it's because I'm a dumbass, but I kept getting hurt by the thorns when I tried to pick up the white flower left by my door. I look too deeply into a lot of things. I've been through a lot. I'm just trying to find meaning... in anything.

The flower was a kind gesture and it was pretty, but the thorns hurt. Symbolizes what I feel about having friends... I want to have friends, but... it hurts to be around people. I suppose it can just be social anxiety, still, but... add grief to that and the fact that I've been hurt by people a lot. πŸ˜•

Friendships are like flowers - nice, but they are thorny. Also, they can die too quickly.

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