The Next Chapter
2021-06-06 17:35:42 (UTC)

What Do You Fantasize About?

My mind is racing... I should have just put my big girl panties on and gone to work.

But, I guess what's done is done.

So instead of sitting here worrying about what will happen, I am going to try to reroute my brain to think about something else.

That being said, As I was doing dishes last night I was thinking about a comment that I wrote in a previous post that I don't really fantasize about anyone.

Is that weird?

What do you fantasize about? I've read a few fantasies here, most of which were sexual...and that's kool.

Maybe I am just too old for all that. I don't know? I mean it's not that I don't want sex, but... I guess its just not happening right now so why depress myself more by thinking about it. Even when I think about Jack, I don't really think about that.

What I do I think about?

Stupid stuff like; What it would be like to be able to have a good singing voice, or my own art studio.

Not having to punch a time clock everyday.

Being able to take a break when I need one without negative repercussions...

You know, all the things that I want and strive for but have trouble believing that they could actually happen someday..sigh

Last night a song came on the radio and one of the servers was singing along...

My only thought was how nice it would be if I could meet someone (not him) that would sing along with me, and do art projects with me... Even though I can't really sing that well.

Whoever this someone would be, would love me anyway and think I was

I guess over the last several years I have had a fantasy about living in a nice house on a hill. Where there'd be a porch swing just outside where we would be able to sit and watch our grandkids play.

Inside, the house is made of love, displayed by projects that we created together.

One project that I have always wanted to that one where you paint each other with body paint and have sex on a big piece of canvas... Then hang it on the wall.

I think that would be awesome. I mean what a great display of your affection for each other. No one would have to know what it really is, as far as anyone else is concerned.. its just a beautiful piece of abstract art..

Ooohh... and if by chance we used whips (also dipped in paint)... yeah..that would be hot. 🔥

Wow..okay maybe I do

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