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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
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2021-06-06 18:12:00 (UTC)

She believed ❤️

Listening to: Spending my time - Roxette (oldie but a favorite karaoke to do lol)
"Thorns are only present when they are needed. Because the thorn protects the rose. So if you find yourself bleeding, there's a reason."
Good Evening!🌙
It was a gorgeous but hot and humid day. I managed to get all my laundry done and bedding washed and now just waiting on dinner to arrive. I decided to order in tonight as I am too tired now to cook lol. I spoke to M and E today, M is settling in quite nicely into her place. Her brother was there having dinner with her. I intended to tell K but I will wait til tomorrow as I know he's working tonight.

Quiet night in store for me, maybe some reading and some tarot work. A bubble bath. Not much else to say, wanted to share this quote I found, I found it quite fitting in describing me. I cannot tell you how many times I have been told I am not normal or not like other girls, in good ways and bad. I won't apologize for who I am, I am proud of how unique I am. I am an old soul and that's not for everyone and that's alright. I hope you find something in you, in this quote.
She believed,
That's how she was able to get through everything that caused her pain. Because she stood on faith when she needed help healing the things that hurt her deeply. She wasn't afraid to find herself after leaving the ones who blinded her to who she was. She knew her differences were not seen as *normal* but there wasn't anything anyone could do or say that would persuade her that she was anything short of magic. Nothing is stronger than belief because it gives you the right amount of hope to stand in and who you are trusting in something greater than your own self to help make it through every single thing life throws at you. That is the power of belief. And that is what made her the unstoppable, immovable force that she is.

Have a wonderful evening!❤️

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