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2021-06-06 21:52:00 (UTC)

MLB June 6, 2021: Dodgers:

Clip: Paola Ochoa is back:
All Dodgers Team: (jumps out in the duggout and shouting to Paola for the cheer) Surprise! Welcome Back Paola!
Paola O: Oh my gosh, thank you guys!
(Paola O: I can't believe my other game is yesterday, because we already loss for the Baseball at Truist Park, and Kim did great)
Rolando R: How was your injury Paola? (hugs Paola)
Paola O: (bleep) (hugs) It was good Rolando! I missed you!
Rolando: Miss you too Teammate! Good luck for ours!
Paola O: Thank you.

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