Do Not Disturb

2021-06-06 22:16:44 (UTC)

Bad Hygiene ?

I kind of seen it coming of why he said he wasn't gonna talk to me anymore because he said that I smelled bad back their even though I could've sworn I scrubbed really good when I showered but I guess I didn't scrubb good enough to him. Well I didn't seen it coming of why he didn't and wasn't gonna talk to me anymore but I've always had guys say that I smell good when I put perfume on and stuff but not this one.

And I guess what he said really bothered me that day because I went straight to the shower and scrubbed front and back and put deodorant on and everything. But I blocked him immediately after that. He was just being honest though and I was offended but I'm kind of glad he told me in a way.

Or maybe it has to do with the deodorant that I have because some deodorants doesn't last long even though it says 24 hours. I need better deodorants. Stronger deodorants.

I know I'm embarrassing the hell out of myself by writing this diary entry but.... Who cares ?

I needed to get this off my chest. I bet he's probably laughing to this ti his homeboy right now. And I know it wasn't meant to be because the other day when he took me to get something to eat he picked up not one but two of his homeboys in the back seat and he was driving like he didn't know how to drive before.

My Friend's charm bracelet that my mother bought for me because I done so much for her came in today and I love it and of coarse I'm wearing it right now.

Maybe I'm just meant to be single right now anyways. I deleted MeetMe even if,he tried to text me back if he felt bad but I know he didn't and I blocked him on Instagram so.... ✌.... To him.

- A