Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2021-06-06 21:07:58 (UTC)

Pinky Hammering 😝

My war wounds while building my monumental tower of "My bollocks are bigger than yours, and I don't even have any" I hurt my thumb and I bashed it with the hammer ---- riiiight at the end...fkn typical AND when I stabbed the top of my wrist with the Stanley knife being too slapdash slashing open the plastic my batons were in or whatever there called that you nail to the edges of the shed once erected...👅😝 Yep, it's like a baby stab wound; all was still, then the blood gushed out and kept gushing (not the first time I gushed), and my daughter said, "Muuuuuum! Quick we need to stop the blood!" She drops the baton (or whatever it's called, it's like an edging strip of wood), runs indoors and grabs stuff, including antiseptic cleaning pads....God, I love my girl looking after her mumsy. "Take this, mum! Clean it first, can't get it infected." It was like a mini horror scene, my hand over my the top of my wrist and blood seeping fast from any gap in my fingers, lol. Anyways, my beautiful baby girl (now 15, lol) patched her mumsy up, and we were back to the job in hand with our blues music playing.

Best not get a "black man's pinch" old school Londoner slang for a hammered fingernail lol...I made some strange noises when I hurt my thumb, during my agony, my daughter laughed at the weird noises I made which made me laugh and then she says, "Give me the hammer" rolls her eyes as if she has got this under control. Well, she didn't lol, so Ms Carpenter took over. Dad used to get "black man's pinch" when he was a mean lean building machine back in the day. Lol

However, no patch up needed anymore, im a super-duper magical healer.....😁 My daughter said, "How has that closed up already!" I said, "C'mon, babes, you know your mother is magical" she laughed.

The other day I pushed the sun visor up in my car, and she thought I was high-fiving spirit. Lmao.....wally.

My man tribe have all been blowing up my WhatsApp. I think they missed me today while I busy being Ms Carpenter. Lol....Either way, I've two dates booked in.....cancelled two other dates (went off them) and one lurking, but this guy has a giant cock, so big he can't even wear trousers without looking like he has a boner when he it's actually limp. His beast is scary 😲 might give him a miss. Lol.....he wants to paint me naked, he's an artist, oh and asked me twice to marry him. He's a horny hedonistic sapiophile. Same as me, lol.