Do Not Disturb

2021-06-06 00:06:26 (UTC)


My mom asked if, I and Kam had sex and I told her we didn't and we didn't. Honestly. But of course, she didn't believe me but instead we watched Toy Story 2 on Disney Plus because that's what he wanted and I watched it with him and he got very comfortable in my bed. And by very comfortable I mean he took his shoes off and everything even got under the covers with me but we didn't have sex but we cuddled for a very long time and I admit I could feel his dick on hard but I told myself not today but I let him suck my tits... Is that a crime if, we only talked for a week. It's a turn-on for me, What can I say ? And I didn't even tell him what my turn on was he figured it out himself. BTW, I'm so tipsy right now. and I don't care if, I have low metabolism when it comes to drinking I"ll still drink. They have this blueberry margarita and it's so good I've done 3 entries in a row.

Margarita what have you done to me.


- A

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