Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2021-06-06 18:24:39 (UTC)

Nailed it!

I did it! Successfully put my shed together and felt roof with my daughters help. Proud of us. I did WhatsApp dad a few times though for builders advice lol and called him when I was in B&Q getting 70mm screws instead of using the shite the shed company included with my shed. "Dad, I'm buying 70mm screws and what ones exactly do I go for, to put this shed together there are bloody loads of 70mm types!?" He laughed but helped me. Cheers daddy! Love you!

I sent our family group WhatsApp pics as we were building it, and I reckon I could pass as a Carpenter and a painter and decorator, electrician and businesswoman now. Lol

Some of my men on my WhatsApp, four of them all said I did great as they couldn't do it themselves! See, I AM a giant among men. LMAO....💪🔨

Hamilton sucked bigtime in the Formula One! Perez won, it's time for a new champion 🏆