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2021-06-06 10:15:00 (UTC)

This is just a dream diary at this point

Woke up from a nightmare this morning
It was really muddled, but a lot of bad things happened, the dream was very fear based
Someone tried to stalk and kill me, it didn't work, and I don't even want to talk about the other shit that happened to me, because it's just gross and horrific and scary and I also witnessed another person being targeted because he was alone and vulnerable
I wish I didn't remember

And I had a really fucked up dream a couple of nights ago now, I was a kind of fish person??? creature?? I was very humanoid and could take human shape, but my hand was injured and was starting to take a less human appearance, my nails were thin and long and pointed
And I needed help so I found some people who let me into their house and they were nursing me back to health
or so I thought
They kept telling me that they really enjoyed my company and that I should stay
And after a week or so of not getting better and being stuck in their basement, I was ready to dip
Because these people were weird as fuck and I thought they might be poisoning me lmao
And they treated be like an injured pet rather than a person and I wasn't feeling it

The woman with the silver hair (who was like the head of the house?? I guess?) had work to do in the basement so I was let back up to the main floor, so I could rest on the couch while the other lady kept an eye on me
The other lady had this fluffy rosy short hair
I kept thinking of her as the Silver lady's worker bee
They would give me 2 medications, I think the 2nd one would keep my sick until I was given the 1st one again
I would have these pounding headaches when the 2nd one would be given
The medicine they were giving me was also turning my hair white?

I was resting on the couch, the Silver lady called the rose colored lady down to the basement and in that time I ran to the front door, unlocked it and fled, I could hear someone shouting "no!" as I escaped the house
I was ecstatic to be free, but it was the middle of winter and I had no where to go
I wandered around on my own for a couple weeks or so, but my hand had gotten significantly worse, I had an unending headache and my hair had become entirely white
I had no where else I could turn to, so I went back
I knocked on the door, the Silver lady answered and started crying once she saw me, and I started crying because I was frustrated I had to come back, she hugged me and then I woke up