Do Not Disturb

2021-06-05 23:53:09 (UTC)

This Is Why I Need A Best Friend

1. Someone I can tell my deepest darkest secrets to { even the juicy juice}
2. Someone that I can hang out with and spend the night with whenever I can
3. I can be on the phone with and won't judge me about the little things
4. I can have private one-on-one conversations with and with no one else around but us
5. I can talk about boys to
6. Talk shit about people even when we know is wrong and laugh to their face because that's'what we do
7. Go shopping with
8.VIdeo chat
9. Give advice to even though we shouldn't listen to each other because we know the advice is always wrong but we wouldn't care because we got it off of a romance sit come
10. Have endless hot girl summer with guys we know we'll never see again

That's what I want to do with a best friend if, I have a best friend. Isn't it sad ?

P.S. Oh and also get drunk with and go to parties with and take a bunch of pictures and matching outfits...Sometimes and if we get in a fight we'll solve it out because no one else is best friends with her I'm her best friend...PERIOD!!!!