Do Not Disturb

2021-06-05 22:16:44 (UTC)

Dating Apps

Dating apps are a waste of time. You think that guys want to actually get to know you but they don't. I met this one guy from this dating app who has to be living in the same area as me and I only been talkin to him for a week.

Is that bad ?

We're still texting. He wants to see me tomorrow because he asked what I was doing and I said nothing so that's the same thing. Right ?

But he seems to be all touchy and no lovey dobey and no cuddly and watch movies together. He was to focused on my boobs to even watch the movies because and I quote " he loves tits". Every man's dream. So, why does he feel the need to whip out his d**k. It wasn't even that big. We didn't do it trust me. Not in my house.

He tried so hard to turn me on but it wasn't gonna work.

I mean all I wanna do is sit down and cuddle and watch a movie but in their minds cuddling leads to sex, not watch a movie, and chill but have sex and chill. Then, ghost later. Maybe he won't ghost. I don't know. I've only known him for a week and the guy already whipping out his dick. That only mean one thing and one thing only he just wants sex even if, he says that's not the only thing that he wants from me. I was right..

Mood : Irritated af 🙄

- A