2021-06-05 21:24:41 (UTC)


I feel I am living, actually living. Not as fully as I want...YET but I am living.
Ear training is going slow though, why are harmonic intervals so difficult for me? Ascending and descending are easy but harmonics? Ugh! Anyway I am working on Major 2nd and minor 7th harmonic intervals in EarBeater Lite and keyboard ear training in the Tenuto app.
Spanish is going great! I love the Spanish language it is beautiful and lovely. I am using duolingo to study Spanish right now, I earned my third legendary crown! The crown is for the first travel course. Currently I am at unit 2 > People 2
I have decided to add online volunteer work to my day. Unlike Power Walking volunteering online won’t involve before dawn mornings or late evenings.
I have registered with ZSL Instant Wild ( it involves conservation) and
Lettersagainst.org which involves helping those with depression by reaching out to them through letters. Both opportunities promise to be a good fit for me. :)