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2021-06-05 16:51:40 (UTC)


Ok, so basically tried using prompts to write some stories about characters I know and love and it flopped. Like it was all just dumpster fire type stuff. So I've come to the conclusion that I cannot write stories.
I expected this but I did NOT expect this. You know?
It's not fairrr.

On another note, I want to talk about myself right now. I think I may be pretty self-absorbed. Like there's this small part of me that wants to be the object of someone else's obsession because I've gotten bored of myself. But I bet that'd be pretty embarrassing. This is why I'll never open up to anyone, it sounds way too embarrassing.
I also can't decide whether I'm the bad or good guy in my life and I bet it's also a problem that those are the only categories I have right now.

Oh wait, I meant to describe myself, not ask wonder about myself. That would require input from another person and I'm alone. Like literally. No, I'm not going to go ask my family about myself, that's boring and there's basically no one outside my family to ask either. In other words, I have no friends (except for one that doesn't live near me at all).

It seems like I want someone to find me interesting and I just think that's crazy because, who gave me the right to think like that. But that also brings me back to the idea of mutual obsession which is unrealistic but still ideal to me.

Back on topic, me. I'm not revealing my actual age on here, so personality it is.
Nvm I'm already bored of the idea, bye.

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