If Satan were real, I'd be his biggest fan
2021-06-05 17:59:14 (UTC)

New slate, still no hope

I was on this site awhile back hoping to find someone like me to befriend. I did not. As usual, I only attracted someone who wanted to talk about sex. *yawn* I'm a grown up girl, sex as a topic is a little "been there, done that"- especially in my case. I've been with the same man for a long time now. And because I'm a weirdo, people always think I must be a whore slut who can never sexually be satisfied- especially with one man. In my twenties I had men telling me how I "must" dream about threesomes and one man would never be enough. Well captains of the elite asshole army we'll call males, I am very much a monogamous person. Why? Men (in general) are dumb and only think of flapping their dick around. In fact, I dislike most people due to them not having things in common with me and for being so damn stupid. So, tell me again how I will stand to tolerate numerous people most likely only to have piss poor sex and small dicks? Exactly. And as far as women go, none have my twisted sense of humor. I just don't click with, well anyone (except for my husband).

So yes, me. I am sarcastic and curse. I am pretty smart but am not concerned with correct punctuation on here. I write when my husband is busy or sleeping for privacy, so I try to type fast. I love horror films and mostly metal and rock music. I'm a woman, so of course I love me some kickass shoes. I have a pet, a rodent. I am not a children person and have none. This is something I swear other women can smell on me and why they don't want to befriend me. Feeling is mutual bitches. I'm a nightshift nurse. Those are the basics, so onward.

I had 2 interesting dreams lately. Well, one more like a nightmare. I dreamed I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was in active labor. This would be the nightmare. I was thinking how I didn't want to move my stuff and how there was no room in our house for a baby. I mean, I have a horror and doll decorated room with designer perfumes in it. I love that room! Even though I didn't want to keep the baby I decided to call her Artemis. I woke up before having the baby. I forgot who Artemis was and asked the hubby while telling him about the dream. He reminded me that Artemis is the goddess of chastity and childbirth. I knew that deep down in my brain and that's why I named the baby Artemis. My brain is super stealth sometimes! My other dream was fun and involved my main man, Freddy Krueger. I was riding in a car and all of the sudden everything turned yellow tinted. I recognized this as being asleep in my dream, and realized that if I was asleep, I was vulnerable to Freddy. He tried to get me and my sister, but I dug deep and tried to stop being afraid of him which weakened his powers. He turned into a glob of pink goop. The goop would not disappear so I took it with me. If I started thinking of Freddy or being afraid, the goop would start to form into Freddy's head. I would smash his goop head in my hands! Then I woke up. Fun dream and not scary at all!

I have to work this weekend (boo). It will be terrible, I'm sure. I just hope people sleep at work. It's so cute when people think patients sleep on night shift. They don't.

Watched a documentary on Jodi Arias. She reminds me of my old best friend. Always liking whatever her boyfriends liked. My old best friend didn't really have her own personality, just copied her man's likes. That got old quick. I mean, it would have been different if she would have done something interesting like killing a boyfriend- like Jodi did. But she did not. She just was super lame then got knocked up.... which was also super lame. "He didn't like condoms" she said. What man does? You tell them to suck it up!

Also watched a documentary on 3rd trimester abortions. I am totally appalled by the new abortion bans. Fucking Christians. God isn't real because Satan is not real. As a teenager, I told Satan if he were real I'd have his baby. Do I have Hellspawn in my arms? No. And I will end on that note. The official song for this entry is "Praise Abort" by Till Lindemann. (and I will walk away from my computer doing his little dance from the music video)

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