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2021-06-05 00:56:43 (UTC)

Lights out 😴

Busy week at work but should be pretty much caught up. I knew I was tired when driving home I was feeling really drowsy. I stopped at Railey's supermarket. I don't go there often but they have a so-so Chinese station there that I order fast food from once in awhile. Not all that great at all but it was hot, quick and easy. Got home and ate my dinner. That was it after that. Food coma cometh and I fell asleep on the sofa.

Got a call on the phone and thought, heck no, not answering any calls right now and saw it was 7:20 on my cable box. Holy poop!! My class is at 8AM and I didn't prep my clothes and drinks for gym. I always have a 1/2 gallon of water mixed with bcaa and glutamine. Another liter mixed with pre-workout powder. The latter lights you up and gives you that extra oomph during workout. Anyway, I panicked a little because I may be late for gym. Funny but when I'm late for work, I'm thinking meh.... I'll get there when I get there. But for gym? Heck no! Can't be late for that. You know...priorities. hehe. All this while I'm still groggy and heck and not fully comprehending what planet I'm in still. Then it hit me, it's only 7:20PM still on a Friday night and not 7:20AM on a Saturday. Doh!!! Being so exhausted and the self induced food coma kicked my butt!! So I'm not late for anything and now I'm up late again on a Friday night. That power nap did a lot of good. Feeling much better now.

So now I can sort of sort out what happened today and recall Heidi trying really hard for me to go camping this weekend. She told me if I'd only asked, she could have packed my camping stuff in her truck and I could have gone with my car. Then she tried to influence someone that lives near me to drive for the day and since she is going, to bring me along too. Come to find out this other person didn't want to go because she was just as tired as I was and it was just Heidi being cute and tricky trying to get someone to go so they can give me a ride. Haha. My friend said Heidi is a master manipulator. I think Heidi is funny and I like her creative ways to get her way. Gotta love the enthusiasm.

Got an Amazon pkg. Ordered a little trinket. It's another rose crystal. The other one I got broke when I dropped it. I thought it my head in a silly kid voice.."Auwwe, it pho down". Tried using a good Gorilla two liquid glue but it didn't hold and all it pretty much went more in my fingers than the charm. I guess gluing a crystal to metal isn't the easiest. Still works sorta with what's left on it but's not too expensive so I bought another one that should last longer. It's all charged up from the sun and I'll wear it to bed tonight. I like it. Looks a little like an angel wing sorta.

Well, it's time for a glass on wine. Watch a movie or something then try to go to bed. G-night diary. Thanks again for the tip on rose crystals CC.

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