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2021-06-05 02:53:26 (UTC)


I'm working on not feeling rushed into anything. Of course I only go on these type of tirades when I have had a bout with cigarettes or alcohol. It is one thing to have a nip every now and again. It is another thing to have a reflexive habit that makes your life unhappy no matter how you look at it. I need not drink. I have hated cigarettes since $1.37. Put it on the list of things I try to politely not give an opinion about. But for reelz they are bad for you, make you cough, make your clothes stink. And if you are a dare devil like me they find a way to burn everything. My rug looks like a dropped a bag of walnuts on it. I must be in squirrel jail. LOL

I am mellow. Melancholy even. I hear a lot of sadness, perturbance, and anger in the world. I try not to return it with petulance, apathy, and indifference. It is one of the unique situations when greek serves us well and proves that vice and virtue are not opposites of themselves but require accurate and unique reflection. One group of visions and 17 pages later I struggle with ONLY LITTLE THINGS like body image, curiosity, and balance. I think I'm going to rest up. When I communicate I like it to matter.

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