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2021-06-05 02:27:53 (UTC)

I remember when...

Deep philosophical early hours always are my finest hours of thought. LOL...I'm off on one again.

I cannot bypass the people who were in my life and still breathe within me from those days when my enlightenment finally reconstructed my mindset. It is easy to place blame, take the glory and walk on your path and relinquish the importance of the people that were an integral part of your shaping as a human being.

It never is and never will be only the people that love you or care for you. They play their role, that soft blanket to hold and warm you when your soul needs a retreat, to hibernate. But it is also the people that caused fear and anguish and made you question yourself. The people who went against your grain and challenged everything you thought you stood for. Those people are a fundamental part of your spiritual death in shedding your old patterns of thinking, behaviour, and beliefs. Those people as well the people who loved/love me, live through the pulse of me. Special people. People who know suffering, loss, courage, and what authentic inner-peace is made of. It costs nothing of material value to obtain it but an overwhelming emotional overhaul of an agonising psychological death. Our power is not in physical strength or wealth, assets, comfort foods, drugs or such. Our power is sending a tsunami through the mind, acknowledging, evaluating and dispersing what has outgrown you - your past. Accepting your flaws, mistakes, wrong-doings, and those pressed upon you by others and look at your behaviour and reactions to them and their outcomes.

Dictation to your way of being often comes from others and shaping your behaviour. You teach yourself that another person opinion dictates your value, morals and how you should show yourself to the world. Enlightenment is not a fancy spiritual practice. It is a truth that comes to all of us, a brutal death of beliefs when you realise you've taken control of yourself and let go of dictation. You begin to understand what no and yes truly incorporate. You see the power of words and how others react to them. You realise you're on a different plane to where you were, where they are. Colours are more vivid, your physical appearance renews itself, your eyesight improves, and every new thought in your brand new scenery has meaning to it. A truth that holds a new belief in oneself and what follows feels like magic is all around you. As if you touched the air with one finger, it might sparkle or cause shockwaves through the energy so present around you, harmoniously connected to you. You feel belonging to yourself and to all that lives and energises around you.

Imagine a time you felt undeniably loved, that it filled all of your soul, waves of good feelings flowing through you, a warmth so pure that the light emitting from it shone out from you onto all who you encountered. Those people felt it and magnetised towards you because it made them feel incredible too. That loving you felt caused optimism in you, which attracted positive, creative things, situations and people around you, and it felt so divine that you couldn't and didn't want these feelings ever to end.......

Go back to the moment you lost those feelings, situations, things. The emptiness you felt, the void and blank space that such an overwhelming beauty resided within you, was gone.

All of this is and can always be yours, every day for as long as you want it. It isn't created by the hand of another but from you.

This is what purpose is..... it is your passions because passions harbour dedication and an emotional belief and attachment of joy, which creates its manifestation. When you're living through your passions, you're then creating a love of life, in turn, reshaping your world and how you view it. Do this enough, and everybody, every situation and thing that comes into your life will be the mirror of your thinking.

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