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2021-06-04 23:02:58 (UTC)

Proposals smoshals

I've had three marriage proposals in the last ten days.
Most recent today before I went into a work meeting. He said, "If I had my way, I'd bring a priest today and marry you there and then.'"

Lol, twat, smh....

Pervy boss phoned me during my meeting with a colleague. He said, "Hello, Missy! Calling to chat with you, how is everything!" My boss is super hyper happy all the time; he had a meltdown a few years ago, and since it seems like he is on speed every time he talks, very animated! I reply, "Yes, all good here. I'm actually in a meeting with A" he was on the loudspeaker but didn't know and replies, "Oh! Haha, have you tied him up yet? Tell him to shout, "Freedom" if he needs help" yes, lol, very funny, boss 🙄 I replied, "Nope, I've not tied him up" I look at A, and he blushed, merged with a bit of worry. Lmao!

The boss says he'll call me after my meeting as he wants to ask me something. I tell him no probs. Later he calls, asks to meet me one on one, says book us in together for Tuesday. If it was a run of the mill work stuff he would've just asked for a video call with me. Should be interesting to see what he wants.

I took on a eighth branch today, a branch manager from another store was in one of my branches and approached me asking if I could her help with her branch unofficially.

As it stands I oversee four branches, and unofficially three other branches that some of my clients still use. The managers asked me if I could continue to help them after I was given four different branches. Of course, I said I would as I worked with my older branches for year's. They like the way I work. So yes, unofficially im now taking on an eighth branch in two weeks time. I might step on some toes, but between me and the branch , we did a deal. :D

Adonis is clinging......he is a Virgo Demigod but in my eyes still needs to understand women and his own mind. I am way ahead of him on emotional intelligence and maturity. It doesn't matter how beautiful someone looks; I'll still pull away if the more important things to me dont merge harmoniously.

I got off the phone to him after an hour-long conversation, and he says, "You will still text, though, right while im doing my gym session as we usually do?" I thought, hmm, but said, "Sure, okay". But then I returned Phil's call. LOL

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