Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2021-06-04 21:22:54 (UTC)

The good stuff, life throws in :)

Ooooh-weee, what an eventful and wacky day, Oh wait, that's most days, lol.

No, I am riding and flowing and enjoying all the unpredictable situations, things and people coming and going in my life right now. As I told a pal on here, my life is the most beautiful and abundant than it has ever been. I am not on the rich list. I don't have a perfect body, I have my flaws, yet I feel I achieved a lot in my life; namely, I found myself. I am not going to harp on about self-love because, frankly, it is the most fkn boring conversation that floats around the internet nowadays since we merged into the 5th dimension. Suddenly all the wisdom I imparted on others over the years who thought I was a few marbles short. They are preaching the information I offered them. Interestingly, they didn't need proof to see their god's, and now they in these times, they question the why's and how's. So I'll say what I can always and only say - When you leave your body, come visit me in soul and let me know you've finally understood. Lol

Death is only of the physical sense, not of the soul. We are infinite. We are the One. You're your own god. Believe in yourself, what you seek is what will happen, and all will be yours: no guilt trips, no confessions, no judgements. You're what you seek, and you become what you choose to be. You don't need to follow anybody to find your strength, inner peace or anything alike - the power is already within you.

Haha, that just seeped from nowhere, but maybe someone here might need to see this, whoever that may be.

So, back to my day. Last night, Adonis kept me up until gone at 1 am. He is a bit of an oddball in that he goes to the gym very late at night, often before midnight. He is in London, and it's usually 7 or 8 other people there, guys that go that time also. Unfortunately, Adonis felt the sting of covid and redundancy and starts a new job in July. So his late-night gym sessions will only last so long until he's back working again. Also, I noted his age from his profile. We don't talk via the dating app any longer and haven't for days now we use Whatsapp and phone calls. However, I know some guys say the app did their age wrong in profile, so I felt a need to clarify Adonis's age, it says 41, but it turns out he is actually 35! At first, I said, oh god......I don't know about this anymore. I can deal with 38/39-year-olds but 35? Are wild oats still seeding, maybe? But Adonis always brings me back to an intimate loving place, not sexual, and shows me through actions his intentions are he wants one woman.

I've stayed highly unemotional towards him and any other men I have been talking to; I now see this dating stuff as a business venture. I treat all communications as such. It's classifying and thinking rather than feeling in the early days. Until boundaries have not been crossed and things have gelled in the right way, only then will I offer any morsel of emotion or even feel any. I have noticed that Adonis is now emotionally connecting to me, and things around him remind him of me; for example, he tends to sit in his car for ten minutes before and after the gym workouts texting me. He said, last night, he now parks in the same spot each time since talking to me and reminds him of me, making him feel good, warm inside. Hahaha!

He is opening up a lot more now. He is calling me shortly and waiting for me to finish writing (he doesn't know about my diary).

Also, I had a call from fate this evening. A guy from the new dating app I've been using, which is full of people from abroad messaging me and up north and a few southerners, well it hasn't been ideal, but I do like the site a lot, it is very warm and friendly. However, a guy messaged me on there. At first, he looked a bit like a bruiser, tattoos etc., good looking though, very toned fit body and thought.....he just wants a fuck. Anyway, I answered him without any enthusiasm, turned out he is a decent guy with morals and manners, kind and intimate but maybe a little less intelligent than I prefer, lol.

Anyway, we WhatsApp only two or three messages and I kind of couldn't be bothered after that; we didn't text from that point. That was a few days ago, then this evening without any communication from him or asking if he could call, he just called me randomly. At first, I thought Im not answering that, but then I thought, no, actually, I appreciate his courage in leaping so spontaneously like that and I took the call. An hour later talking we had a great conversation and agreed we would keep communicating, and he asked me if I would like a date. I said I prefer to speak for two weeks as a general rule to get a feel for someone's daily life and them before I accept a date, as usually within that time I can tell whether it is worth my time going on a date.

I better go. Adonis is texting, asking, "Ready?" lol, I think he needs me more than I need him. No, I dont need him at all, lol....He is like a dark-haired Jesus from heaven, fucking exquisite to look at and beautifully engaging and naughtier than me...if that's we love Manson......Earlier, I got all domme on him ending a sentence with "Understood?" and he said, "Did you really just use the "understood" on me?" LMFAO.....

There is more I want to write about of others, but I will write tomorrow.