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2021-06-04 14:12:52 (UTC)

Back to Reality

I need to come back to reality. Away from the things that keep my poor eyes glued to a bright screen in a dark room. Or the things that keep me from getting things done that people are already doing in the real world. If I don't fall into place now, then by the time it matters, I'll fall behind and die. I just need a way to will myself into getting off my butt and doing everything I need to.
I need to clean my room. There are so many traces of me, I just don't like it. It's messy, gross. I've got to get up and do stuff after this class. I'm not sure if I'll actually be able to put aside all the things that distract me. Entertainment. I know people are able to manage it, time management skills I suppose. I'm lacking in that area.

I can't read during the night because I need to sleep and it's too dark. I could read in the morning but I'd rather shower at that time so that I can avoid a certain issue.
Maybe during a break time. That'd be a good window for it.

I have an objective. Living, succeeding, and finishing this out.
It's not worth it to hold myself back like this. It's all temporary, not going anywhere though. With that being said, this may turn into a report/to-do list type diary, unless something notable happens during the day. And nothing usually happens during summer break. Bland, normal, peaceful.

Man, I've gotta shut up. I'm getting tired of seeing my words, my thoughts. Maybe I'll write a story one day.