If I die today
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2021-06-04 08:56:26 (UTC)

simple life

Yesterday was pretty warm the heat warning expired we're looking at 91 for today. This morning since 530 am I've had coffee vitimains,food (oatmeal and 1.5 bannana) took the dog for a 20min walk and then hit the store on my own spent 30$ . Wasnt the joy I had hoped for in Target the cashier was great in the clothing section thedude running the carpet maching was on my butt every isle up and down so finally I stood there and just stopped in his way then he backed off and I put the clothes I had choose back haha . Anyhow got a few things milk was the thing I actually was concerned about . Anyhow nothing too great. I'm paying back my dental loan by gift card this month as I dont know where my stamps or envelopes are so I sent that order out this morning online. Lip still bugging me some just the lip IDK its odd. I'm like having real bad anxiety about loose or stray dogs I cant get it out my head. Worried about nDea his back was hirting him he's been working on a big project welding too and to me it looks like he doesnt have the proper clothes he did get burned a bit but what he exspected so I guess thats how that works. He was way tired . I think its a big adjustment . HOpefully he doesnt hurt himself. Im proud of him ad love him so much . Going to do a few chores pretty soon. Tacos are on the menu for tonight for us and im cooking. Last nights dinner went well I dont feel like I totally failed but still I suck at feeding people but he seems greatful so thats a plus. oh speaking of feeding people I bought dog bones at the store they said' mini" so in my mind i"m thinkin they'll be like the small things we get. NOPE these little things are like cereal in size. I need to get with the program man. mom is sick or something her text said shes had a long week not well has doctors appoint. IDK what to make of that. Hopefully she feels better. IDK what I want or need just antsy and sorta self centered but that changeable. so today a few chores the usual then focus on bedroom. tacos for dinner . try to avoid adding pressure to nDea . Ive got my eye on the box of wine in the fridge and i bought grape juice to duilte it. IDk i'm feeling marigaiti too so we'll see what happen. I dont need anything i'm a mess. well guess thats life

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