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2021-06-04 08:12:09 (UTC)

Feeling blah 😞

What a week. I don't know why I stayed up late the past two nights. No reason for doing so but just goofing around. This morning, it caught up with me and it is a butt dragging morning this morning. I'm up but I know I can still hit snooze a few....dozen times. hehe. Gym isn't open tonight so I get to rest till tomorrow's session.

Heidi and a few others found out I opted "not going" on the camp this weekend. Again, it's because I need to break in the gearing I just got done on the truck. Barely went a hundred miles since I got it back and I have to baby it for another 400 before they flush it then and only then will I be able to drive it normally. I contemplated going in my car instead and maybe sleep in my car in lieu of a tent with all my other camping gear but meh... I got that gym event to go to tomorrow and the other gym after my normal workout. Besides, this camp is an adult only camp and some of the people do not know how to be happy drunks. So not going to this camp isn't all that disappointing to me. I just disappointed my friends though. Feel a little bad about that especially since they wanted your company.

Beside the gym and gym party this weekend. Nothing much is going on. Just the way I like it. Planning on some catching up on my sleep. 😊 Oh man!! Signs that I'm getting old. Sigh...
It would be cool if my next truck mod came in then maybe I'd be able to install that kit. It's a 4 camera system. Well, I already have a backup camera but it'll add a front left and right side camera that can be viewed at anytime. This is for when you're 4 wheeling and don't have a spotter. With a press of a button and you can see as if you're standing in front of your truck. The two others will be for side viewing but from under the truck so I can line up my driving to avoid things I may not want to drive over. This of course is just when I'm going slowly on a hard 4x4 path. Just another cool thing to have on my truck.

I changed my Facebook profile to my outfit I used for gym yesterday. Got over a hundred likes so I have achieved my social acceptance into the social media world. Haha. Just kidding. Just goofy comments on this diary while my eyes are still wanting to close. So so tired but so dang lazy to get my butt up (Nice and tight today by the way from the workouts yesterday😱) to make some. Ok, can't take it anymore. I need to really get up. I'm crossing my fingers hoping there's some leftovers in my coffee press so I can just nuke it instead of having to do the seemingly big chore of grinding some coffee, boiling water and having to wait for it to brew. would be a good time to have a special partner in crime. I'd be able to nudge her to make some. The costly price of living alone. hehehe. Jk. Not kidding about having someone making the coffee part. That I for sure wish someone could make it for me right now.