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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2021-06-04 08:15:00 (UTC)

Cottage Updates ❤️

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"A girls favorite song will tell you more about her than her lips ever will"
Good Morning!☀️
Another dreary morning. The rain has stopped and you can see the sun trying to peek out through the clouds. It's supposed to be sunny and quite mild today, I will take it!

I am still so tired and sleepy feeling a bit lethargic and my body still feels so heavy so I decided to forgo my workout. I think my body is telling me it needs rest lol. I have been abusing it lately in workouts lol. No amount of creams or serums going to help me today lol, Thank heavens for makeup haha. I need to keep the caffeine flowing lol.

An Amber Alert set off my phone around 3:50am. It makes me so sad. My heart always sinks when I see amber alerts. There is a little girl, a sweet little 11-month-old missing from the Ottawa area. Taken by a 70-year-old woman, there is a bit of confusion as to who it is, originally it said she was with the grandmother, then it was updated to say it was not the grandmother. Either way, I pray to all that's holy, she's returned safely to her mother. I cannot imagine the pain and fear she is going through.

I figure with the number of dreams I am having lately, I am getting into a deep REM sleep which is the 5th stage of sleep, the deepest. something I have struggled to do for many years. REM is the deepest of sleep but Deep Sleep (4th stage) is ultimately what I am aiming for lol. No dreams, just solid sleep. Either way, it's good sleep. REM sleep involves heightened brain activity and vivid dreams.

I am alone tonight so trying to think of something to do lol. Cannot really go anywhere out in public but I would like to do something or see someone. Chances are I may just suck up the opportunity to be alone and enjoy the quiet lol. We will see, It all depends on how I am feeling later lol. My last day of work for 5 days so I am looking forward to the time off, the last two days been a struggle to get up. I did not stay up late either. I was falling asleep around 10:30. Work has been so stressful lately I think that's playing into how tired I been. Looks to be a fairly quiet day, I hope. I just finished things up and now babysitting emails for the day then I have to run out for a bit.

I was going to go to my cottage this weekend but they are doing some major reno's in the kitchen this weekend so I will go next weekend instead, seeing the pictures and videos of the updates is getting me more excited. The living room is done, as is the sunroom. It looks really good. The paint I chose is perfect. The new doors on the patio look really good. Gives a good view of the lake. It also allows for more airflow through the cottage. The bedroom carpeting is done and the flooring in the living room looks so so good. It's going to be so amazing when it all comes together. Looking forward to spending as much time as possible there. I am even thinking of buying a new boat. Have not decided as mine is a good one but I been eyeing a newer model. We will see.

Oh they just updated, the girl has been found safe, thank heavens. A good note to end this entry on :)

Have a wonderful day!❤️

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