Do Not Disturb

2021-06-03 21:09:41 (UTC)


Maybe I regret on downloading that dating app again. I mean I've talked to most guys on their but they all just want one thing and you can never really tell if, the guys picture is real or not or if, he's trying to play you. Well, I know one thing when a guy repeats the same thing on the dating app like the other guys about wanting a baby mama and something dealing with sex then,you know that their fake af. I block guys like that and even though I put a warning lable in my bio and in all caps they still can't seem to take a hint but when they see that I blocked them because I take my feelings very seriously then they'll know. I talked to Kam today and we actually video chatted even though I looked a hot mess he didn't care. I only looked a mess because I didn't have my hair done. He was talking about seeing me this weekend maybe Saturday and honestly I'm thinking about it I mean it's not like I do anything anyways. I'm not even working. For now.

My thumb still kind of hurts. I think I just sprung it when I went to rocket jump. I tried putting ice on it but that's not even working. And if, it continues to hurt for who knows how long then I might go to the doctor to check on it. Its not like I broken a bone I can type very well with it it just hurts really bad. I can't bend it and its sore.

I'm so excited to see the Aquarium for the first time i basically can't stop talking about it until I go to see it on the 19 and of coarse I'll tell you all about my first experience their and we're also going to stay in a hotel overnight maybe.

I might just blog about my experience as well. Yes, I have a blog on WordPress just started. Just to take pictures. I don't have any followers. Maybe 2 views and one like on my one post but I guess that's better than, nothing. I really don't know what to write when it comes to blogging. Its different from when your writing a diary. But its a start.


- A

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