Forever missing you

Dear Benny
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2021-06-04 06:23:08 (UTC)


I used duh as a response to something you said today. I think that was probably a rude thing to do, but I didn't mean it that way. You must knows I didn't mean it that way, don't you?
It got me thinking though. I used to love that word as a kid. From the moment I learned it and it's meaning I wouldn't stop using it. You know how little kids get with new things. My uncle, well he's not actually my uncle more like an adopted uncle, thought it was the cutest thing. He didn't necessarily encourage it but he played along, making me laugh, which I loved. Step parent hated it though, so I stopped. Everyone must follow the wishes of the king. I didn't do it because I respected him, or because I loved him, I did it because I was afraid. I still have to tell you the whole story, when I piece it all together properly, the mind of a child is so unreliable for the purpose of chronological recalling of events.
I guess part of moving on with my life is no longer feeling held back by those things, so I get to use the word duh. Not that it's a word really, nor do I think you could call it a phrase, but you get my point. I am sorry if my use of it came off rude though, it truly wasn't my intention, but I think you know that.