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2021-06-03 19:08:33 (UTC)

Silly gym day 🤪

The gym was just a load of laughs today. That pic is me with a tweak. Added fake glasses and hat to hide the guilty. hehe. The rest is real I never worked out in swim shorts before and you know what? It's not meant for it. Tried to do high pulls and my shorts were not agreeing with me. Thought I'd rip my shorts for sure but nope, safe and sound. We were all laughing doing the workouts. I bought extra leis and shared it with my clique and we looked so stupid. I looked king of stupid. Doing jumping jacks and box jumps with a lei on was fun and we couldn't stop laughing. The only thing I did that was more silly during a workout was at home. I tried commando jumping jacks and jump rope. I was laughing so hard like "village idiot" hard. That's what happens when there is too much time on someone's mind and you get the whole house to yourself. If you're alone whoever you are and have a mirror to look at, try doing jumping jacks commando style and see if that don't make you laugh till your gut hurts. The least it will do is lift your mood a little. Not a bad day for a Thursday 🤪